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Fresh flounder and shrimp cooked with jalapeños and lemon-lime juice

Lamb Lollichop

Grilled lamb lolishops served with balsamic reduction and mint jelly

Empanadas Uruguayas

Choose any of two: beef, chicken, ham and cheese, spinach, cream of corn

Snow Crab Claws

Alaskan crab claws served in a lokoto butter sauce and mini yuca arepas

Carpaccio De Lomo

Thin slices of smoked raw tenderloin served on a bed of mixed greens with portobello mushrooms, parmesan shaves, and basil sauce

Chilean Sea Bass: A Latin-American Delicacy

Chilean Sea Bass: A Latin-American Delicacy
Indulge in our succulent Chilean sea bass, a Latin American delicacy. Savor the buttery, flaky texture of this premium fish, expertly prepared to perfection. Our signature dish is served with a zesty citrus glaze, complemented by a side of roasted vegetables. Experience true culinary bliss with every bite.

Latin-American Flavors: Delivery and Pickup Options

Latin-American Flavors: Delivery and Pickup Options
Savor Latin-American flavors at home! Enjoy delivery or pickup of our Chilean sea bass, empanadas, and more. Indulge in the convenience of savoring our authentic dishes in the comfort of your own home. Order now for a delicious Latin-American feast!

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